Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Leading teams

James Dyke's Leading Teams: How to Inspire , Motivate, Lead and Succeed is a leadership how to. It is written in clear, short chapters, each ending with a section called an action step. This is potentially the most valuable part of the book. He asks you to actively participate in the work of becoming a better leader.

Chapter three, for example, introduces a concept of SAVE: support, affirm, validate, and encourage. These are used to assist with demonstrating compassion. The action step for that chapter involves thinking about SAVE for each team member. A chart is provided to record each team member and words/phrases that reflect SAVE values for that individual in his particular situation.

Chapter sixteen's focus is on conquering crisis, conflict,conduct and contingency. It is one of the longer chapters in the book at thirteen pages. It lists a variety of strategies that can be used to address problem employees,refereeing interpersonal disputes, managing when stuff hits the fan, conquering crisis, and managing succession. The action steps for this chapter involve identifying problem behavior and scripting a conversation and using a meeting to teach problem solving techniques.

While the book might benefit from more vignettes demonstrating the strategies he is discussing, the readable nature of the book, focus on planning improvement and concentration on excellence all contribute to it being a valuable leadership resource.

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