Sunday, February 22, 2015

Phonics and decoding strategies for struggling readers using core knowledge poems

Kim Call wrote a unit for emergent readers entitled Phonics and Decoding Strategies for Struggling Readers Using  Core Knowledge Poems for the Core Knowledge National Conference. This unit contains five major lesson sets that are each broken down into several 15-20 minute sessions. These lessons teach syllable types and will not be adequate for an entire reading curriculum, but are intended as a supplemental program.

The best part of the unit is the listing of poems and nursery rhymes with their key phonetic elements identified so that teachers can select poems that reinforce the instruction given. Poetry is highly recommended by Rasinski, a fluency expert, for providing reading instruction. Call also includes templates for doing word sorts and bingo with students around the phonics instruction. Marzano identified games as a powerful tool for reinforcing and practicing knowledge with students.

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