Friday, February 21, 2014

Having a disability and having money

As a mom of a child with a disability, I am currently looking at how to help my child transition to the adult world. Unfortunately, his school has not risen to the challenge of teaching him the emotional-social skills he needs to be a productive adult. He has been allowed to put in minimum input so long as he does not tantrum. School work and requirements have been modified so that he is not stressed. Now as he nears graduation, he does not handle stress any better than he did five years ago. He will need the benefits of public support for at least some time. Current guidelines for assets while receiving disability payments are capped at $2000. That includes a car. If he earns money, that will come out of his payments which are capped at $1200 per month for the most disabled. They stopped even telling parents that this amount was to cover clothes- just food and housing. Well-intentioned people leaving money to these individuals have it all going to the state rather than paying for extras like clothes and transportation. Finally a new bill is before Congress to change this; to allow some savings and assets so that the choices are available. My son has been deprived of learning how to be independent at school. We should not deprive him of an opportunity to learn how to work and earn at least some of a living. Read about the bill.

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