Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inclusion: 450 Strategies for Success

Peggy A. Hammeken has penned a useful book entitled Inclusion: 450 Strategies for Success. While the first 59 "strategies" are really steps to take in order to implement an inclusion program, the remainder of the book does list in an easy to reference manner a wide assortment of strategies, most of which would be easy to implement.

The spelling part of the test offers common activities to spelling programs that do not focus on spelling- producing the word in writing. Bingo, word finds, synonyms/antonyms/homonyms and silly pictures (p. 85) may be good ways to fill time and review vocabulary, but they do not practice spelling. Combining spelling with handwriting practice, limiting spelling rules taught, and writing the words in various multi-sensory formats like finger paint are good examples of how to incorporate spelling practice for all students.

When I work with trying to develop ways to help include a child in a classroom, I like to focus on strategies that improve instruction for all students. Depending on the classroom teacher and nature of the students, these strategies vary. This text provides access to an easily searchable list of activities that may need to be tweaked to fit the specific child and setting. It is a good jumping point for a team looking to improve inclusion for a student.

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